Supermarket RD’s Pick: Good Food Made Simple – Egg Patties

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Supermarket RD's Pick

Many times when I am asking my clients of what a typical day of eating is like for them, breakfast is often skipped. Main reason most people give me – No time.

When I suggest eggs in the morning for a great source of protein, most laugh with a statement like, “If I don’t even have time to pour a bowl of cereal in the morning, how am I going to have enough time to make eggs?”

Enter this week’s Supermarket RD’s Pick: Good Food Made Simple egg white patties.


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These egg white patties can be found in your frozen department and easily warmed up in the microwave for a quick and easy protein packed part of breakfast.

I like the perfect circle shape for it to be easily fit on a whole wheat English muffin. Then, grab a piece of fruit. Bam – you just made a healthy breakfast in a few minutes.

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Take it one step further. I made a bunch of egg sandwiches and wrapped each of them in tin foil and popped them back in my freezer. In the morning when you wake up, pop one in a toaster oven or regular oven to warm up as you are getting ready. Easy eating on the go.

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A much healthier choice than a Egg McMuffin sandwich from McDonalds.


Disclaimer: Good Food Made Simple did not sponsor this post. All opinions are my own.


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