Supermarket RD’s Pick: Beanitos

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Personally, I rarely go down the chip aisle when I am doing my food shopping. When I became a Supermarket RD, I realized fast that there are hidden gems in each aisle.

If you’re going to eat a chip, why not go for a better-for-you choice, right? I came across these hidden gems in the chip aisle when I was giving a grocery store and a customer loved her super salty fried corn chips and wanted to find a healthier alternative. So, what are these hidden gems I keep mentioning? – Beanitos!


So what are Beanitos? “Beanitos are an honestly delicious snack made from super nutritious beans that have fiber and protein grown right in them. They’re real food, full of crunchy flavor, free of preservatives, and made with only natural non-GMO ingredients.” (source)

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Chips made from beans! What other chip provides protein and fiber?! I love the guide it has on the back of the bag making it user friendly.

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I can even tell you that kids like these chips too! During one of my kids cooking classes we made a guacamole hummus and I served them with the white bean beanitos. I went with the white bean chip since they look like most like a typical corn chip. The kids LOVED them and the parents were happy with the nutrition facts vs. the chips they were usually buying.

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What’s a chip without dip? I recommend Ashley’s Summer Guacamole.



* Disclaimer: Beanitos did not sponsor this post. All opinions are my own. 


In good health,
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