{Blog Brûlée} Soaking it all in


Pinch me. This weekend of the Blog Brûlée I have been anticipating for months came and went so fast. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing group of ladies who I have learned a tremendous amount from.

(My attendance at Blog Brûlée was partially funded by the Sponsors of the event. I was not compensated to write this post.)

Blog-Brûlée (Photo via Min @ MJ & Hungryman)

Early Friday morning I hit the road from New Jersey to Vermont, with my healthy snack in tow. Destination: Smugglers’ Notch for the Blog Brûlée Conference. I thought the drive was going to be rough, but I just jammed out to my music. I think I was just so anxious and excited to get there the drive went by pretty fast.


The Blog Brûlée would not have been made possible without all of the hard work and dedication of the founders, Regan JonesDeanna Segrave-DalyGretchen Brown, and Robin Plotkin.

They had our weekend jammed packed full of different seminars and speakers, providing education and professional development (with 17 continuing education credits, score!), fun food tastings, and all different topics such as food photography, building your virtual community, and SEO basics, just to name a few.

Blog-Brulee-Founders-1024x753 (Photo via Jen @ Down to Earth Dietitian)

When I got to Smugglers’ Notch, I was a little early and I checked into my room and saw these swag bags waiting for us full of all sorts of goodies from the sponsors of the event.


Shortly after, my roomies for the weekend, Anne and Jenna, arrived. After their flights and my drive we had time before the weekend activities began and we all wanted to move a little and experience the outdoors of Vermont and went for a little hike.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.22.39 PM

We then had a meet and greet with all of the other attendees with a lovely spread of food for dinner. It was so nice to meet the faces behind the blogs that I have been following and admiring. We are a unique group, as we are all Registered Dietitian bloggers. It was fun to learn that some are full time bloggers, running their own private practices and nutrition businesses, cookbook authors, making media appearances, plus so much more! Like I said before, I knew very quickly that the clinical/hospital route as a dietitian was not really my thing, so it was awesome to see how successful all of these ladies are in all sorts of avenues.

IMG_3836 And what is a Blog Brûlée without Creme Brûlée?!

The rest of the weekend included more fun food and tasting adventures. We kicked off Saturday morning at the Boyden Valley Winery where we had a wine and cheese tasting with Cabot Creamery.

IMG_3847 My favorite combo was the Vermont maple reserve wine with white oak cheddar. The wine had subtle hints of maple syrup!


It was really fun to learn why certain wines and cheeses were paired together.

(photo via Jen @ Down to Earth Dietitian)

It was definitely Fall already up in Vermont. I was surprised how cold it was already! Fall is my favorite season.



Jenna, Kristina, and I found these (we are thinking) little crab apples. We were adventurous and took a bite. They were so tart!

The weekend was full of delicious eats and treats.




And let’s not forget about the chocolate tasting. Let me tell you, I think I found my new favorite chocolate. Lake Champlain is so  smooth, rich, and creamy. Their spicy aztec variety has a unique combination of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and pumpkins seeds, which I think I wouldn’t like, but I really enjoyed!


Couldn’t leave without a roomie picture. Thank you Anne and Jenna for being so welcoming.

IMG_6471_thumb (photo via Anne @ fANNEtastic Food)

I wrote so many notes from all the different seminars and speakers we had and a crazy long to-do list of everything what I want to accomplish with RDelicious Kitchen, but realistically it’s going to be a process. Slow and steady wins the race right?

I am so passionate about blogging and all the women I was surrounded with this weekend really inspired me and gave me that confident boost that I needed that I CAN be really successful with RDelicious Kitchen. I currently work full time job as a Supermarket Dietitian with two other side jobs. Moving forward, I definitely want to spend more time on my blog and use all the new things I’ve learned to grow RDelicious Kitchen. My goal is to post 2-3 times per week and really focus on quality not quantity.

This weekend was truly an amazing experience and it was a pleasure to meet all of the wonderful ladies behind their blogs. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing weekend. Cheers to setting fire to better blogs!

(photo via Anne @ fANNEtastic food)

And a special BIG thank you to all of the sponsors who spoiled us this weekend - Cabot Creamery, Smugglers’ Notch, Boyden Valley Winery, Davidson’s safest choice, Mountain States Rosen, Kashi, Welch’s, and the Soy Food Council.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.46.17 PM
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.46.25 PM
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.46.33 PM

I have to much more to tell you about the weekend and introduce you to all my new blog friends. So stay tuned!


In good health,
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